Cameron Highlands (or “Meh”-lands.)

To get to the Cameron Highlands, I took a minivan to Tanah Rata, one of the main towns providing access to the area, which is known for its tea plantations, strawberry farms, and forest trekking.

Definitely beautiful... but not something you can see from town.

The "Mossy Forest"

I had kind of an odd time in the Cameron Highlands, mainly because I didn’t find the place I stayed to be very welcoming, and the town itself is nothing to speak of and pretty removed from the main attractions (you need a car to get around). Also, the food is mostly mediocre Indian and Chinese, not great compared to other places in Malaysia.

This photo makes the town look a lot cuter than it is... I took it after walking around on the side of the road for half an hour looking for a nice hill to watch the sunset. Didn't find one.

The main highlight of my stay was the early Thanksgiving dinner I helped put together with Sunny and Troy from the Bay area and Travis from Oklahoma. We visited the outdoor market in Brinchang (the other main town in the Highlands) and were able to get a surprising number of the necessary staples, down to the cooked sweet potatoes!

Travis decides on a piece of chicken for turkey day.

Our feast! Sunny and Troy blogged about it, too…

Anyway, I did a very short jungle trek with some French girls the first day, but it wasn’t great since I was wearing the wrong shoes and still getting over a sprained ankle from Cambodia, so I was paranoid about hurting it again. When I realized how little there was to do without a hiking partner or my own transportation, and how depressing I found the place I was staying, I booked a day tour to visit the must-sees and cut my stay to just three nights.

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