So, I saw a few gingers…

My second trip to the feeding platform couldn’t have been better. Aside from the four orangutans (mother & baby and mother & juvenile) that showed up, there were at least a dozen macaques (who later stole my lunch) and a few Thomas Leaf monkeys.

The smaller one is trying to steal the milk out of his mom's mouth.


Thumbs up!

Funky monkey.

Cheeky macaque.

On the trek that followed, I got to see a few more of the “funky monkeys,” a wild pheasant, and then the highlight – another semi-wild mother and baby who was less than a year old. We followed her for almost an hour (!) and saw her eating fruit, termites, and young leaves in that time. At first she was so high in the canopy we could barely see her (over 100 feet) but eventually she came lower and stayed near the trail for a while.

First view through the canopy

Watching her move was unlike anything I’ve been able to see at a zoo. Orangutans are experts at moving around in the jungle, but still they have to carefully pick each tree or vine to make sure it will support their weight and sway the way they want. It’s easy to understand their caution after a few days of jungle trekking!

Teaching baby to catch termites!

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