Helpful Travel Resources – This site has a nontraditional layout and could use editing in some places, but it’s one of the most useful and informative I’ve found. I particularly like their country summaries, which are easy to read and include everything from which guidebook to use to whether it’s easy for women to travel alone there to what the other travelers will be like (I didn’t realize there were “a lot of Israelis” – a lot of anyone, for that matter – in Mongolia…)

Travelfish – Another fantastic resource, especially for suggested itineraries. Limited to Southeast Asia only.

South East Asia Backpacker – Picked up this magazine last time I was in Thailand, and two years later, it’s still going strong. The website is full of helpful tips.

Wikitravel – Should go without saying, but this is the site that makes you question the necessity of lugging around a guidebook when you can get more current and detailed information online. Best if you already know where you’re going.


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